Continental Indoor Soccer League (1993-1997)

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Founded by NBA, NHL, and assorted sports arena operators, the CISL played a summer schedule from 1993 until 1997. A dispute with Commisioner Ron Weinstien led to franchises in Portland, Houston, Arizona, and Dallas withdrawing from the league in December of 1997. The CISL disbanded shortly after that.


How The Sidekicks Got Here

After the demise of the Major (Indoor) Soccer League, team owner Donald Carter moved the Sidekicks to the CISL. The CISL approved the 'Kicks request for membership on August 21, 1992.


The Sidekicks vs the CISL

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Playoff Record:


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Opponents Faced in the CISL:

Carolina Vipers logo (1994)

Detroit Neon logo (1994-1996)

Detroit Safari logo (1997)

Arizona Sandsharks

Carolina Vipers

Detroit Neon/Safari


Houston Hotshots logo (1994-1997)

Indianapolis Twisters logo (1996)

Indiana Twisters logo (1997)

Houston Hotshots

Indianapolis/Indiana Twisters


Las Vegas Dustdevils (1994-95)

L.A. United (1993)

Anaheim Splash (1994-1997)

La Raza de Monterrey (1993-1997, 2000)

Las Vegas Dustdevils

Los Angeles United/Anaheim Splash

La Raza de Monterrey


Mexico Torros

Pittsburgh Stingers (1994-95)

Portland Pride (1993-1997)

Mexico Toros

Pittsburgh Stingers

Portland Pride


Sacramento Knights

San Diego Sockers (1984-1996)

San Jose Grizzlies (1994)

Sacramento Knights

San Diego Sockers

San Jose Grizzlies


Seattle SeaDogs (1996-97)

Washington Warthogs (1994-97)

Seattle SeaDogs

Washington Warthogs