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Frequently Asked Questions

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Results Tables

Where Did They All Come From?

The results for regular season and playoff games came from the official Dallas Sidekicks and the appropriate league media guides. Exhibition scores and box scores were taken from newspaper accounts game stories.

Are the Scores Reported the Official Results?


What about the 2001 new-MISL All-Star Game?

Every rule has an exception. What is listed on the results page is the goal count. What the new-MISL reported as the score is listed under the *- on that page.

What is the difference between the Exhibition and Regular Seasons?

Exhibition games are normally played during Training Camp, and are essentially organized practices between the two clubs. The purpose is to evaluate players under actual game conditions. Records and statistics are not usually kept for exhibition games. The regular season are the games that count in the league standings.


What does the hyperlink in the ___ column mean?

Game Number Column

If a game number is hyper-linked, the link points to the box score for that game (see box scores for more information.)

All of the other games in (insert season) have box scores. Why doesn't (specific game)?

It means that either that box score is currently unavailable or the Webmaster has not transcribed and coded it yet.

Dates Column

The hyper-linked dates point to the appropriate dates in "This Date in Sidekicks History"

What do the hyperlinks Team Name section point to?

A team name that is hyperlinked points to the appropriate page in the "Sidekicks Opponents" section.

I see something else on the results page hyper-linked. Why?

This likely points to the Record Book, alerting you that this event is the best/worst/first/or last time this particular event happened.

Why are certain games listed in the Regular Season section printed in a different color?

Games that are listed in the Regular Season section but are printed in a different font represent either an exhibition match (with EXH in the game number field) played during the season or the league All-Star Game (with ASG in the game number field).


Player Statistics Pages

Are The Statistics Here Official?

Yes. The statistics were transcribed from the official Sidekicks media guides or from the official records of the Major Indoor Soccer League, Continental Indoor Soccer League, or World Indoor Soccer League. If a conflict was discovered between the two sources, the more accurate of the two was used.


Then Why did they change?

The Sidekicks' office re-compiled all of the stats from the MISL, CISL, NASL-indoor, PSA/WISL, NPSL, and AISA during the 2001-02 off-season, correcting numerous mathematical and factual errors that crept into the Official Records over the years.


How did you figure _____?

Goals Against Average

Goals Against Average is determined by multiplying the number of goals allowed by 60 and dividing that figure by the number of minutes played.

Example: Antonio Cortes allowed 131 goals during the 1997 regular season. He played a total of 1494:46 minutes. Convert the time into a usable figure by multiplying the seconds by 60 and dividing by 100. So Cortes played 1,494.77 minutes.

131 x 60 = 7860


GAA is rounded to the hundredths place, therefore Antonio Cortes GAA is 5.25


Why is there a Goals Against Average listed for the 6th Attackers when the official media guides did not do the same?

A 6th Attacker was listed in the official box score of a game as the goalkeeper of record. Any goalkeeping statistics were credited to him, even though goalkeeper was not his natural position. Therefore the same statistics that are kept for "real goalkeepers" are presented for the 6th Attackers.

...a Goalkeeper's Save Percentage?

A goalkeepers save percentage is determined by dividing the number of saves he made by the sum of the saves plus the number of goals he allowed.

Example: Antonio Cortes faced 398 shots and allowed 131 goals in the 1997 regular season.



All percentages are rounded to the hundreths place, therefore Cortes' save percentage for the 1997 season is .752


What do the abbreviations in the statistics columns stand for?

See Terms and Abbreviations




Statistical Rankings

How Many Players played for the Sidekicks?

143 players wore the Sidekicks uniform during the Regular Season, and 2 goalkeepers played during playoff games only for a grand total of 145.


How many Goalkeepers played for Dallas?

17 goalkeepers played during the Regular Season, and 19 during the playoffs (see above)


How many players make up the All-time Statistical rankings?

While the complete database is still being proofread and edited, currently 3,020 players have played "Division One indoor soccer."


The Opponents

Are Cosmos SC and the New York Cosmos the same team?

Yes. Cosmos SC dropped the "New York" from their official name in 1977. The club still played it's games at the Meadowlands Sports Complex (outdoors at Giants Stadium, indoors at Byrne Arena).


If La Raza de Monterrey is correct, why is it not Los Torros de Mexico?

The owners of the club in Mexico City named the club in the "English" tradition, rather than in Spanish. Both Monterrey La Raza and La Raza de Monterrey are correct. You will see the club referred to throughout the site as "La Raza", while the club's page in the opponent's section is named "Monterrey."

What kind of nickname is La Raza?

Literally translating from Spanish as "the race", the name also could be translated as "the buddies", "the homeboys", or "the gang".