This Date in Sidekicks History

June 9

They Said It

1986: The only area we did not have problems was in the location of the team. It was the only area we agreed upon 100 percent.

--Ron Adkins's only comment on the reasons the deal was not completed.


I'm really disappointed. Unfortunately, it looks bad for the city. I don't think money was the problem. Everybody asked what the problem was but the answer was the sale did not go through. They did not give us the reason.



I thought I was coming to a wedding... (not) a funeral.

--Mike Uremovich, on his thoughts of wearing a tuxedo to the team meeting called for today. He expected to be introduced to the club's new owners.

For the soccer player, there is always Somewhere Else.

--the closing line of Morning News Columnist David Casstevens' eulogy for the Sidekicks, written his column on June 11, 1986.

Always Remember the First Time


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Once and Future Opponents

2003: The new-MISL announced that the St. Louis Steamers franchise had been reinstated and would begin play during the 2003-04 season.


MISL Championship Series Games


1977: Fabinho


They Said It

I will go through the rest of my life wondering. There's a little bit of anger on the staff because they've seen the signs in camp sign-ups, season tickets sales and they're angry it won't go on.

--Sidekicks coach Gordon Jago.


I found (Dallas) new and exciting, I thought I might be around a while.

--Doc Lawson on his thoughts of setlling down in Dallas, which he eventually would.