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July 10


1992: The Major Soccer League, founded in 1978 as the Major Indoor Soccer League, disbands after 14 seasons. Attempts to revive the St. Louis Storm franchise failed and The MISL Board of Governors decided it was not financially feasable to go on with only 6 teams.


They Said It

1992: Remember now, this time it's not the Sidekicks. This time it's the league.

-Sidekicks owner Don Carter, joking with the media on how they should discuss the future of the Sidekicks after the death of the M(I)SL.

Record Book

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Regular Season Games

Always Remember the First Time

1993: This first match vs La Raza

First match ever played with a League Opponent who is not from the United States.

First loss to an International opponent in game (exhibition or regular season)

First Overtime loss in the CISL.