2014-15 Season at a Glance

Another New League?

Not Really. 6 teams from the now-defunct 3rd version of the Major Indoor Soccer League joined 15 surviving teams from the Professional Arena Soccer League and the league was renamed the Major Arena Soccer League. The corporate structure of the league is different, but in reality the MASL is nothing more than a continuation of the PASL.

Quick Facts

Division: Southern Playoffs: Lost in Division Final
Record: 14-6 Radio: none
Finish: 2nd in Division Television: Time Warner Cable Sports (home games only)


Sidekicks vs the MASL

Home Away Overall 1-Goal Games in Overtime
7-3 7-3 14-6 4-3 1-1


vs. Southern vs. Pacific vs. Central vs. Eastern
11-5 No scheduled games 3-1 No scheduled games


When the Sidekicks:

Event W/L Record
Score 1st Goal 11-0
Allow 1st Goal 3-6
Lead After 1 11-1
Tied After 1 3-1
Trail After 1 0-4
Lead at Half 10-1
Tied at Half 3-2
Trail at Half 1-3
Lead After 3 11-0
Trail After 3 0-6
Tied After 3 3-0