Dallas Sidekicks Owners

Sidekicks I, Ltd.


Sidekicks I, Ltd. was a group of 37 limited partners formed during the late spring of 1986 to purchase the club from then-owner Don Carter. Jim Graham and Stan Finney formed Kicks Management, Inc. to operate the franchise, and entire ownership elected its Chairman of the Board and its President. The group filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on February 13, 1989.

While Stan Finney and Jan Rogers were the largest shareholders in the partership, the President of Kicks Management, Inc. was considered the "general partner" by the MISL and the local media.




Date From

Date To

Jim Graham

June 30, 1986

August 31, 1987

Stan Finney

August 31, 1987

May 10, 1988

David Shuttee

May 10, 1988

March 2, 1989



Note: All investors are listed alphabetically regardless of ownership percentage. While there were 37 partnerships involved, all 39 individual names are listed.





Robin L. Acton

Tex Gross

James C. Musselman

David A. Shuttee

Bertan T. Bader, III

Steven C. Hallman

James C. Musselman

E.W. Switzer

J. Russell Bellamy

Mr. Wayne R. Hawkins

Jack L. Nylund

Keith Thompson

Bryan Tower Partners

Mrs. Wayne R. Hawkins

David O. Palmer, M.D.

Gary L. Van Winkle

Pinky Clements

Tommy Humphreys

Michael L. Renshaw

Alden E. Wagner

Russell Cleveland

J.E. Johnstone

David Roan

Mike W. Wall

Dewey M. Dalton

David C. Jones

John C. Robuck

Walter E. Witmer

Michael G. Dollar

James L. Labarba

Jan Rogers


Stan C. Finney, Jr.

Kathleen Levine

Mack L. Rogers

James P. "Jim" Graham J. Patrick McLochlin

Joseph R. Schale

Larry Greenshaw

Robert G. Moore, Jr.

J.W. Shaddix, Jr.