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January 3

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To lose the game on two decisions, I think was extremely harsh.. There were some very questionable decisions by that referee, as far as I'm concerned. In a battle like that where it's so vital, you wanted a performance from the referees as good as the two teams', and we didn't get that. And that comment's probably going to cost me money. But that's how I feel.

It's the first time I've been so upset, because of the state of that game. That game should not be decided on two very questionable decisions. That was a tragedy because the game, the players, warranted better than that.

--Sidekicks Coach Gordon Jago on the Officiating that evening.


I came out, stood up and didn't dive, and the guy blasted at right in my face, I didn't have time to react with my hands so that's the only thing I could use to keep it out of the goal -- my face. I don't even remember the shot so it guess it came pretty fast. It jarred my brain.

--Mark White on how he blocked the Shootout attempt that resulted in his leaving the match with a concussion that evening.


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