Dallas Sidekicks gravemarker

Where Did They Go?


On September 13, 2004, the new-Major Indoor Soccer League announced its schedule for the 2004-05 season. The Sidekicks were not listed. A single sentence in the press release that day mentioned that Dallas "was taking a one year hiatus to re-organize." The team did not return to the new-MISL or its successor leagues.


Signs of trouble were detected during the 2003-04 season when certain players who had signed after the season began were wearing jersies belonging to other players. The financial situation of the ownership had became obvious when TV broadcasts were cancelled toward the end of the season. The front office staff was laid off after the home playoff game, and only General Manager Jim Tolbert reamained as an employee until June 30, 2004.


There was no public effort to find a new owner for the club. Then-owner Sonny Williams made no public comment about selling or folding the franchise. The Sidekicks, it seemed, would simply fade away.


When the Dallas City Council announced that Reunion Arena would be demolished in 2008, a group of former employees, including former Head Coach Gordon Jago, former P.R. Director Herman Hudson, and Team Historian Alan Balthrop returned to the team offices in the basement of the abandoned area and found the team's records, video tapes, and other documents still right where they had been left in June of 2004. Coach Jago had secured the team's Championship trophies several years before. The Championship banners were discovered in a supply cabinet elsewhere in Reunion Arena. The group secured all of the team's history represented by these artifacts and stored them privately. The three men agreed that they would be held "in trust" until the team was revived.


On June 16, 2012, the Championship Banners, video tape archive, and surviving memoriabila were transfered from the Dallas Sidekicks Historical Archive headquarters to new Sidekicks owner Ronnie Davis. The player files and other historical records remain with the Dallas Sidekicks Historical Archive for safe keeping and review. The club that could "Never Say Die", was once again back from the dead.