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15th Anniversary

1999 Front Office Gallery

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J.L. "Sonny" Williams, 1999 media guide photo

Gretchen Williams, 1999 photo

Don and Linda Carter, photo appeared in 1999-2001 media guides

J. L. "Sonny" Williams

Gretchen Williams

Don and Linda Carter

Jim Tolbert




General Manager

Randall Holmes, 1999 media guide photo

Rob Kenny, 1999 media guide photo

Tony Fay (M-Streets Media, 1999 photo)

Tatu, 1999 media guide photo

Randall Holmes

Rob Kenny

Tony Fay


Assistant Operations Director

Assistant Ticket Sales Director

Public Relations

(M-Streets Media)

Head Coach

Advertising Coordinator

Caesar Cervin, 1999 media guide photo

Brandon Jones, 1999 media guide photo

Wally Lynn, 2001 photo

Caesar Cervin

Brandon Jones

Wally Lynn

Norm Hitzgus

Assistant Coach


Radio Play by Play

Radio Play by Play

Dennis Streeter, 2002 photo

Dennis Streeter

Head Statistician